Town Ambassador Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any compensation for my involvement in this program?

No, participation is completely voluntary in nature. Your reward for participating will be the ability to reach and influence thousands of engaged readers, and the opportunity to spotlight your local community.

How often will I be expected to contribute new content?

Given that this is a 100% volunteer program, there is no mandatory minimum for monthly contributions. That being said, we prefer that you aim to contribute 1-2 articles per month in order to have maximum impact for your local community and to gain the most out of your experience as a Community Ambassador. If you want to share more than that - great! Each new article is another opportunity to promote your community and expand your reach and influence.

How long does it take for my article to be published?

We try to stick to a constant schedule of posting new content twice a week. This usually happens on Wednesday and Friday. Depending on how many articles are in the queue, it may take a couple weeks to get posted.

What do you mean by “non-advertising” content?

We strive to be informational at all times. Having said that, you will notice that some of our articles are based around one specific company or business. Some companies/businesses are just popular enough that we decide it would be okay for us to write something about them without people thinking its an advertisement. We want you to mention places that you visit on your journey, just avoid writing the entire article promoting one aspect of a company/business.

Who I ask if I have questions about format/guidelines/content?

Just shoot me an email I’m happy to help. We can even jump on a quick call to resolve any problems you may be having.

Remember, have fun! This is your chance to show everyone the awesome things about your town.


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