Connecticut Weekender Community Ambassador ProgramTown Ambassador

The Connecticut Weekender takes great pride in promoting all things Connecticut and admire those who share our passion for our state and hometowns.

The ambassador program is a way for our community to get involved and give others around them an insight into towns they have never been to. You have the chance to attract people to your town in a brand new format. Put your town on the map!

The benefits of your involvement in this program include:
  • A chance to elevate your community’s reputation as a great place to visit and live in
  • The opportunity to attract both Connecticut residents and out-of-state tourists to your city, town or community.
  • The ability to spotlight local businesses and attractions, drawing paying customers to your community and helping to grow the local economy.

As an Ambassador, you will also have the ability to reach over 20,000 monthly readers and subscribers, helping you to improve your own reputation as a blogger, journalist, photographer, writer or influencer. This is an amazing opportunity to build your own writing portfolio and gain major visibility on social media nand in search results.  You can even tell all your friends you’re a published writer, fancy eh?

What does it mean to be a town ambassador?

Being an ambassador is a great way to mention a great experience you had, something new that's happening, or a cool event is coming to your town. We want you to live your normal day-to-day life and just report any fun or memorable things that have happened.

What you need to have in order to be an ambassador:

  • Free time
  • Some kind of town experience

That’s it!

You are a reporter for your town giving everyone an inside look into what makes your place so great.